TWISTEE® Tapping Saddles

Mission Rubber TWISTEE® Tapping Saddles

Flexible rubber saddle taps Clay, Thickwall Concrete (min. 1.25" O.D.) sewer mains to Plastic lateral pipe. Replaces T-fittings. Withstands hydrostatic pressure testing up to 4.3 psi. Non-pressure, gravity flow applications only. Recommended for underground installations. Minimal excavation and tool use (Diamond Tip Core Bit, Core Drill, Strap Wrench and a FLEX-SEAL® ARC Shielded Adjustable Repair Sewer Coupling). Easy to install and reuse.

Available in sizes 4” and 6”.

Stub Out: Threaded ABS
Gasket: EPDM rubber

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RECOMMENDED TOOLS: Core Drill, Core Bit, Strap Wrench, FLEX-SEAL® ARC Shielded Adjustable Repair Coupling

ASTM C425-04 View
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Mission Rubber TWISTEE® Tapping Saddle Submittal (4")View
Mission Rubber TWISTEE® Tapping Saddle Submittal (6")View
Mission Rubber TWISTEE® Tapping Saddles

MISSIONMADE™ products are easy to install and reuse.


Threaded, ABS Stub-Out and EPDM gasket form a watertight, root-proof seal, impervious to infiltration and exfiltration.


2-Piece service connection.


Synthetic rubbers permit considerable distortion without changing basic physical resistance. More pliable, easier to install in cold weather applications than elastomeric PVC gaskets.


Synthetic rubber gasket resists ultraviolet rays, ozone, fungus growth, natural soil erosive properties, and normal sewer gases. Extra thick rubber sleeve can be used with or without bushings.

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TWISTEE® Tapping Saddles

MR PartPartDescriptionCase Qty.Case Wt. (lbs.)Price
TT-4-081014046324" PL Lateral to 8" - 10" CL/CONC Main11.25Call for pricing
TT-4-121514046344" PL Lateral to 12" - 15" CL/CONC Main11.15Call for pricing
TT-4-162714046364" PL Lateral to 16" - 27" CL/CONC Main11.15Call for pricing
TT-4-289914046384" PL Lateral to 28" & Larger CL/CONC Main11.10Call for pricing
TT-6-121514066416" PL Lateral to 12" - 15" CL/CONC Main12.45Call for pricing
TT-6-162414066436" PL Lateral to 16" - 24" CL/CONC Main12.35Call for pricing
TT-6-259914066456" PL Lateral to 25" & Larger CL/CONC Main12.15Call for pricing