MISSIONMADE Sustainability

By the Numbers

540109Kwh Electricity
160Tons Repurposed
Tire Scrap
7125Tons Repurposed
Waste Rubber
28988lbs. Recycled
81250lbs. Recycled
Scrap Metal
61188lbs. Recycled
2495lbs. Recycled
1.7Tons Recycled
Paper, Cans & Bottles

Mission Rubber Company is committed to leading the industry in the stewardship of our shared environment by minimizing the impact of our manufacturing activities.

We continuously analyze our processes and implement new initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to you, to our planet, and to future generations is embodied in the following company-wide sustainability policies:

  • Utilization of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma tools to continuously reduce all waste, including scrap, cycle times, transport time, inventory, and energy.
  • Ongoing investment in proven energy-saving technologies for productive assets and infrastructure improvements.
  • Partnerships with Southern California Edison®, California Manufacturing Technology Consulting®, and Lockheed Martin to identify and target high-energy use areas for capital improvements.
  • Partnership with CalRecycle to repurpose discarded tire scrap into products.
  • A reclamation program to ensure used couplings are recycled instead of discarded into impacted landfills.
  • Meeting — and when possible, exceeding — all local, state and federal programs that regulate air, water, and employee safety requirements.

A Culture Of Responsibility

Mission is the only coupling manufacturer in the world recognized for environmentally-certified products. Our Cradle to Cradle Silver and Bronze product certifications were achieved after stringent third-party evaluation for human health, environmental health, lifecycle attributes, social responsibility, renewable energy, and water stewardship standards.