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Vent Cap™

The only test cap that fits over a fitting or pipe!


The Mission Vent Cap™ allows you to bleed excess air
out of the DWV system without having to remove the end cap.

VentCap Application

U.S. Patent No. D590,933 S

  • No more trapped air in soil pipe inspections.
  • No more failed inspections because system burps & stand pipe drops overnight.
  • One man soil top-out instead of 2 or 3 (Labor saver).
  • No more waiting for inspections because of possible trapped air in ground work.
  • No more Niagara caps blowing off.
  • No more Niagara caps with nails littering the job site as puncture hazards.
  • No more gluing in a pipe just for cap and needing a coupling later.
  • Great for mid-floor tenant improvements. Prevents vent overflows which cause property damage.
  • Great for top-out inspections with multi-level roofs.
  • The only test cap that fits over a fitting or pipe!
Vent Caps™
Size Product Number Description
2" 0702320 2" Vent Cap™
3" 0703313 3" Vent Cap™
4" 0704315 4" Vent Cap™
Low Level
Rising Level
Final Level


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